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Stephanie H. - Chicago, IL

I called on a Thursday and Chris was able to get us scheduled on the next Friday. He explained all my questions clearly and really took his time without rushing or pressuring a purchase.

Diane S. - Chicago, IL

We live in a three-flat building in Chicago. One of our tenants found spotted (and caught) what appeared to them to be a "water bug" which is the kinder, gentler, name for an Oriental Cockroach! I was feeling rather panicked and grossed out in general when I placed a call to Advanced Maintenance & Pest Solutions. The man who answered the phone was extremely professional and offered to identify the "bug" for over the phone if I could send him with a photo of it, which I did. He telephoned me back within a few minutes, confirmed what my problem was and explained all my options for addressing it. The plan we decided to go with was a one-time spray application on all three levels of the building. The two gentlemen who came out to do the work (within 2 hours of my call, I might add) were truly amazing. Their level of knowledge about pest control and the products they carry, the thoroughness of their work and, moreover, their ability to set my mind at ease was nothing short of amazing! I never thought I would find myself writing a review about a pest control company, but after my experience with Advance Maintenance & Pest Solutions, I felt compelled to do so. I hope I never need to, but if I do, I would definitely use them again!

Isak F. - Chicago, IL

They were highly effective. The ants were gone shortly after treatment.

Sean S. - Chicago, IL

After noticing ants in the house during early spring, we decided to call an exterminator. The previous year we had a similar problem and tried to handle it ourselves, but it kept recurring. We called Advance at 9.00 in the morning, and they promised to be there between 12 and 2. At approximately 12.30 their two man crew showed up, assessed the situation and explained their recommendations. They then spent an hour spraying an animal and child safe ant killer in areas throughout the house. Two weeks later, we have no ants. We will certainly call them back if we ever need services again.

Philip F. - Chicago, IL

Very smoothly and professionally.

Tom C. - Chicago, IL

They came the next day after I called.                                                              

Karen R. - Chicago, IL

They were prompt, professional, and efficient!

Mary W. - Chicago, IL

We decided to sign up for Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions tri-annual service after moving into a house that had ant problems and had had mouse problems in the past. They were great about working around our work schedules (early morning appointments are usually available), and Luke, who has serviced our house several times now, is nice, professional, and efficient.

Jack L. - Chicago, IL

He was a extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. He gets high customer satisfaction ratings.

Christina F. - Chicago, IL

Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions did what they said they were going to do. We are still working on the problem, but they've done what they said they were going to do. Transcribed from a telephone interview

Julia M. - Chicago, IL

I've had these guys out a few times and they are wonderful. The first do an initial assessment of the property to check for pest issues (mine were in the garage, but they looked at everything). They know their rodents and exactly what needs to be done to eliminate the issue. I am fairly squeemish about rodents and they saved me from having to look at or deal with any of it. After a few follow up visits to refill the traps, the rat problem is eliminated . I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again.

Daphne Y. - Chicago, IL

The entire neighborhood was going through a rat infestation after construction work in the neighborhood. The City of Evanston at first was non responsive due to some bad ordinance where they would not handle condominiums...they have since changed that ordinance. We hired this company based on online reviews and a phone conversation where they explained their process. They came, sold us several rat baiting stations and included traps within them. They even added their special long acting poison for the two additional traps that we had. They explained clearly how rats respond to rodenticides. We had an immediate improvement and have not had any rat sitings since they came. THANK YOU... There is nothing more disturbing than having rats around your home and family.

Heather H. - Chicago, IL

Really pleased with this company! We called on Saturday, and they came a few hours later. They matched the price they quoted over the phone (not the case with others that we called). Erik came over and we described our situation. We have a kitty (who seemed to make friends with the mice... sigh) and they were eating all of his food, as he would watch. Erik checked the kitchen and basement, and placed the bait in appropriate areas. We also have a bird feeder in the backyard and we were told with the kitty food and birdseed, we were basically inviting them to our home. We ended up buying some bait stations for outside just to get rid of them. They look like rocks (ok - a very bad fake rock) and were told to give it a good 10-14 days and they should be gone. By Saturday - the very next day, the smell of mice was gone, and we haven't seen one since (Now a full 72 hours later!) I recommend them highly!

Libby S. - Chicago, IL

Erik and Josh came out the day after I called for service. They examined the property and the rat nest under my deck, explained the plan for baiting and for exterminating the rats with snap traps. The very next day we had a dead rat in one snap trap. I called and they came out the same day to remove the rat and reset the trap. The rats figured out how to kick the traps away from their entry ways without getting killed. So, I called and Josh came out the third time to reset the traps and to change out the bait in the bait stations to make it more interesting to the rats. This is an ongoing issue for our complex. We will continue to work with this company to eradicate this colony. We are very pleased with the amazingly quick response of this company. The workers are polite and efficient.

Tristan P. - Chicago, IL

There are not words to describe how great these guys have been. I have worked with both Nathan and Erik (any others of their team whose names I have forgotten) and I know without them this gross situation of rats INSIDE the house would have make me lose my sanity. The guys were great with my tenants too--explaining to them and me what was happening while not panicking anyone. They explained what was going one, what we could do to keep it from happening in the future and how the products were using would help eliminate the problem and how each product worked. Erik also talked to me about the root of the problem and what I needed to do to fix it long-term (foundation sealing). They gave us all phone numbers to call in case we found anything (a rat thrashing around in a sticky trap at midnight, scratching at 5am, waking up to a whole loaf of bread missing) any at time of the day. Every time I have contacted Advanced Maintenance they have come out the same day. I have talked to a lot of professionals in the last couple of weeks since this started and each tells me, "Make sure you have good pest people who know what they are doing." When I describe what these guys have done, they agree that Advanced Maintenance is great. I couldn't say more good things and I would recommend them to anyone!

Michelle P. - Chicago, IL

I called and spoke with Brian. He came out the same day after normal business hours. Worked fast and efficently. I have recommended him to neighbors and will continue to use Advance if need be in the future.

Barbara V. - Chicago, IL

Erik and his co-worker have come out 3 times so far. They are courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and on time.

Kathryn S. - Chicago, IL

I called Advanced to treat for drain flies. I was very happy with the service, from beginning to end. I reached a live person on Saturday evening and had an appointment offered for Monday and scheduled formTuesday due to my schedule constraints. They were early, very personable and professional, and did a great job explaining the steps they were taking and the follow up actions for me. It has only been 1 day, but so far the treatment seems successful.

Ginny B. - Chicago, IL

Had ants and centipedes in the basement. Ant traps were not working very well. Called and Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions came out the same day. Performed services quickly and I am pleased with the results. Will definetly call on them again.

Erika T. - Chicago, IL

Would hire them over and over they always do the job right and they respond immediately usually at your house within a few hours of your calling.

Jerry L. - Chicago, IL

Sprayed our home for ants. answered phone promptly.

Tobyn F. - Chicago, IL

Erik and a younger man were very professional. They were in and out and very clean with their work. Erik used his tablet to show us exactly what types of roaches we were dealing with and took him time explaining the entire process. The quote Erik provided over the phone was exactly what I paid when the job was finished. I am going to recommend Erik to anyone looking for help dealing with pests. Great work!

Renee H.S. - Chicago, IL

When I called, they were extremely helpful, friendly and patient with me. Since this is my first time dealing with a rat issue, I had no idea what I was talking about or what I was asking for, and they took me through a variety of scenarios as to what I could expect when they came out to treat the problem. I made an appointment for the next evening at 6. At 6 the day of the appointment, Nathan called to say they'd be here at around 6:15. At 6:15, they arrived at my house. A team of 3. All friendly, all clean, and ready to go to work to address my rat problem. They did their thing, checked out the perimeter of my house, found signs of rat burrows, and went to work setting baited rat motels. Since I have dogs, laying out a whole bunch of snap traps around my backyard simply wasn't an option, so I had to go with the more costly option, which is these rat traps that look like boulders but hold traps and bait inside. I'll need to call them back to come clear out the traps and replace bait, for a discounted rate for each visit, but it's better than me having to do any of that myself - so for now, these guys are my absolute heroes.

Heather H. - Chicago, IL

Erik came out with Nathan (I think?) within an hour of my call. They baited and sprayed 3 apartments for roaches today, and indicated they will need to come out for follow ups which are very reasonably priced. Great guys, professional, polite, punctual - see you in three weeks!!

Sherry A. - Chicago, IL

They came and sprayed both our properties and were very professional.

David G. - Chicago, IL

We had Advanced here 24 months ago after seeing mice. Eric and another guy came and baited the interior and exterior and within a few days there was no sign of any mice - except for a few dead ones which was actually great. At the time, Eric suggested we have them come back quarterly to rebait but i didn't listen to him and - volia, mice came back after 24-ish months as I said. We had been noticing some droppings in a kitchen cabinet in the last couple weeks, and I kept promising my wife that I would call back but did not. I actually saw one this afternoon and that motivated me to get on the phone. I called the Advanced line and was getting voice mail when Eric called me back from his cell. I mentioned the address and he happened to be within a few blocks so he litterally was here within ten minutes. He clearly remembered us and our house from the last time. He was nice, and professional, and thorough. He put a ton of bait around inside and out and explained what he was doing and his strategy for dealing with the mice and what we could expect. He took his time, was very nice, and professional and genuinely seemed interested in helping us. He patiently answered the barrage of questions that my wife threw at him - everything from when we could expect to see results to the mating habits of mice. He was terrific; we would use them again, without a doubt, and highly recommend them - especially Eric - to anyone.

James C. - Chicago, IL

Erik and Nate came on 5/12 to spray for ants. Erik actually performed the same service the prior year. It was amazing how much he remembered from the previous year's visit. It gave a nice personal touch. He was very professional and they were able to provide quick prompt service. I would recommend their service to others.

Tally M. - Chicago, IL

I have worked with Erik before on a problem with critters burrowing under our front steps. He came out and got right to work. He continued to stop by to check traps and clean them out. Following this issue, I called to have the exterior of our home sprayed for flying insects...he happened to be in the area and was at my front door within a few minutes. Great service and would recommend to friends. Thanks Erik!

Jonathan B. - Chicago, IL

I have had a very good experience with them. All of the staff has been very courteous and friendly. They are ALWAYS on time and are always able to schedule last minute appointments, should the need arise. They are informative on what they are doing and why they are doing it, and have always been willing to accommodate any of my requests. After you are a first time customer, recurring visits are only $50 which is a great deal for the great service they provide. If you are going to use an exterminator for anything (especially on an ongoing basis) call this one. I will be sure to use them again in the future.

Michael J. - Chicago, IL

Originally I paid around $200 and every time they come to reset and bait the traps, it is $50. It has worked out well and we have definitely caught a whole bunch of rats. They do a good job of knowing where to put the traps. If I call them they show up the same day to clean and reset the traps. They are always professional and they always show up when they say. They do a good job. I didn't compare prices. I will continue to use them.

Roger E. - Chicago, IL

We had gutted first floor bathroom and were about to begin remodel when discovered little bite marks in duct tape over plumbing pipe. Called because we were invaded by a rat or mouse. They were very helpful on the phone taking our information and came out right away, which was good because we were VERY uneasy with the thought of an unwanted visitor. They looked and made an assessment that something had been there and sealed off the room with several traps in key locations. Waited for several days to see if anything was set off. They did a check in other parts of our home to see if there was any evidence of pests elsewhere (thankfully nothing was found). They checked in with us with a phone call which was nice - we were very skittish about opening the door on the room when enough time had passed! They walked us through the entire process and explained why we needed to proceed the way we were. They know their stuff! They also provided input on options to prevent "visitors" for the future. We asked numerous questions and they were so helpful and took their time to answer everything and made us feel very comfortable. Nothing ever did get trapped or return (think our visitor was considered an "occasional invader" or something like that - didn't find any reason to return), but if we have any sort of scare in the future, these would be the first guys we'd call. So easy to work with. Extremely professional and understanding, which is particularly helpful in this situation. They were great!

Suzanne G. - Chicago, IL

In early december we started to hear noises in our bathroom ceiling. scratching noises which led us to believe we had pigeons in the house. we called advanced maintenance and eric came out to investigate. he set up humane traps on my deck and caught 3 pigeons within 24 hours. after the first 2 pigeons were caught he came out promptly to get pigeons and remove them from the neighborhood. (apparently pigeons are very territorial) he then reset the cages and caught a third one which was removed. we stopped hearing noises - we thought we were safe until spring when we could get somebody to find and fix entryway. Ha! in the end of january the noises returned and had spread to the ceiling in another room. so we called advanced maintenance again. eric and matt came out. we caught another 4 or 5 pigeons. they were very prompt in coming to pick them up. it was extremely cold outside and i did not want them caged outside all night. another young man, brian came out on saturday night to pick up the caged pigeons. the following monday morning (prior to the big snow that is still on the ground) matt and eric came out, found the entryways and temporarily fixed both of them. they were great! they were all very knowledgeable about pigeon habits and what to do. i would most definatley use the company again, if needed.

Joshua B. - Chicago, IL

Very punctual, knowledgeable, took care of the problem. Appreciated their help and information very much. Would use them again for sure.

Susan F. - Chicago, IL

Last week, I brought a hide a bed couch to my home from another home. This weekend, my son stayed at our house with his children. My son and his 11 year old son slept on the hide a bed couch. Sunday morning, my grandson said, "Grandma, do you have bed-bugs." I never imagined such a thing in my home and answered him that "no", we do not have bed bugs. Then my son said that he had 2 bites on his leg. At that point, I couldn't ignore the possibility of that hide a bed couch being infested with bed bugs. I was totally horrified and miserable about that possibility. This morning (Monday), I checked out Angie's list and chose this company, Advanced Maintenance Solutions" because of the good reviews they had. I called the number and the phone was answered by one of the company "team". I explained my problem. He was very pleasant and kind on the phone. He called me back within the hour and said that they could be at my house that day! That was so convenient and I did not have to wait for them. Just thinking about the bed bugs made me sick and I was very grateful that it would be taken care of immediatly. Within the hour, 2 young men were at my door with their equipment. They asked me lots of questions to try to determine how the bed bugs would have entered my house. Anyways, they treated the whole house as explained above. They were efficient, kind, considerate, even "caring" about me and my problem, and thorough. I do have a large load of bedding I have to wash, but at least I feel confident that the infestation was stopped when it was still small. The company will come back in 3 weeks for a follow up visit. Also, payment was easy as they accepted Master Card. So I would have to say that my experience was terrific.

Brook D. - Chicago, IL

I had already done everything they would have done. Thus, they did not even charge me. He told me what to do to follow up. They were very nice and prompt. It was a good experience. This service was free but the amount they would have charged me if they had provided services was reasonable.

Aimee B. - Chicago, IL

Everything went very well. They suggested that we may need a follow up in a month or two, but we have not had to have a follow up--they took care of it the first time.

Chandler K. - Chicago, IL

Happy with the entire experience. Called to have them treat for bees in a multi-level building and baby roaches in the upstairs tenant's apartment. They were on time, professional, and their services solved all of the issues we were having.

Sarah V. - Chicago, IL

Matthew & Erik were able to come out and treated our home just a few days after I first found and called about carpet beetles located in our basement. They called the day of the appointment to let me know they were on their way, and showed up right on time. They answered every one of my questions about carpet beetles, were very knowledgeable, and gave me good suggestions for keeping them from spreading further. The treatment was fast and barely noticeable afterward. I would have them back for any future pest problems without a doubt.

Sarah W. - Chicago, IL

Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions has provided us with excellent service over the past few weeks in helping us rid our house of unwanted rodents. They have been very responsive, knowledgeable, detailed, respectful and honest at all times. We have especially enjoyed dealing with Eric, who has been outstanding. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of extermination or handyman work around the house.

Ari K. - Chicago, IL

We noticed some mouse droppings in our kitchen this morning, so I called a few exterminators. I spoke to Brad, told him about the droppings and a ground bee issue we also had, and he said he could come between 2-3pm. Brad and Eric from Advanced came at about 2:30 (right in their stated time slot, within 3 hours after I first called). They were professional, courteous and friendly. They assesed the mouse problem and looked around the rest of the house for any other signs. They figured out the likely source, laid out poison and recommended some steps we could take to keep them out in the future. As for the ground bees, they sprayed in the location that we'd seen them but then also sprayed all around the house in other locations that insects are likely to make their homes and/or enter ours.

Lisa T. - Chicago, IL

Overall Matt and Erik were great! I would definitely use them in the future but hopefully we won't have to.

Veronica N. - Chicago, IL

They were more reasonable than anyone else that I called and they gave me a discount for being a senior citizen. They were there when they said they would be there and they were really good.

Sandra B. - Chicago, IL

Very professional manner in speech and work. Cleaned up area when task was completed. Very pleasant and responsive to any questions I asked.

Brett T. - Chicago, IL

Bryan was very professional and very knowledgeable regarding our issue. He was very punctual, he explained the specific methods/products he was using to eradicate our ant problem, and discussed preventative measures we can take. We will continue to use Bryan again as needed.

Vince S. - Chicago, IL

Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions scheduled the appointment for us roughly 24 hours after my first call, and they came on time and prepared. The person I spoke with on the phone was very knowledgable about the issue, and the remedy that was prescribed worked perfectly in only one treatment. Very satisfied customer!

Steve S. - Chicago, IL

Great responsiveness and quality - no more issues. Seemed a bit expensive for what they actually did, but it solded the problem in a hurry! Would definitely hire again!

Suzanne S. - Chicago, IL

Responded quickly to my initial call as well as every follow up call. Very happy with their service, even though they are more expensive than my last exterminator (who I replaced due to lack of responsiveness).

Kimberly B. - Chicago, IL

Too bad there's not an A+ option for "responsiveness" because Bryan and his team earned it. I arrived home from work to find a pigeon had come down the chimney and was cornered in the fireplace by my dog. Ugh. By the time I looked up some help online and it was after 8 p.m., so I hoped the little bugger would stay put for the night and sent out some emails to get removal quotes first thing in the morning. Much to my surprise, Bryan called me within minutes of sending him a note and was here within the hour. They caught the little fella in no time flat and advised that I needed a chimney cap, which they're returning later in the week to install. I fervently hope I don't have need of their services again, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call the guys at Advanced Maintenance Solutions. What incredible service.

Peter G. - Chicago, IL

Advanced Maintenance Solutions sealed some holes where the birds were making nests and also trapped some squirrels in April. They sealed the openings.

Jim F. - Chicago, IL

I had them take care of a mice situation.

Micheal S. - Chicago, IL

Fit us in to his schedule on the same day I called, worked efficiently, communicated with us about findings and recommendations. Owner was knowledgeable and personable. He stuck to the price he quoted on phone even though the job was more involved than originally thought.

Todd S. - Chicago, IL

Called them at around 6 PM on a Thursday evening and was able to schedule someone to come out at 4 PM on Saturday. The person showed up exactly at 4. Everything was just what I expected and I was very happy with the job that was done. It also seemed much more cost effective than many of the other quotes that I received. Some of the other quotes were more than $100 more than Advanced Maintenance.

Matthew D. - Chicago, IL

We had ant problems last summer and used at home remedies to fix it, which worked ok. However, when they returned this year I found them crawling on my newborn babies pacifier and decided it was time to call a professional. I called and within the hour they were at my door! They explained what types of product they were using and walked me through the process...they even helped me vaccum out my couch (part of the problem) because I was holding my baby.I will be using them annually now to try to keep the ants out of my house. I highly reccomend their services.

Todd A. - Chicago, IL

Could not have gone better.

Shane S. - Chicago, IL

The service went very well. The owner and two other gentleman showed up on time to do the work. They spent considerable time and took care to do the job carefully and neatly. They did a great job putting up the wire mesh to keep the pigeons away even in the difficult to reach ledge that could only be accessed by hanging off the roof. The porch ended up almost spotless after the bird droppings were washed off despite the fact that many of the stained areas were years old. The pigeons have since moved on after discovering that our porch was no longer pigeon-friendly.

James K. - Chicago, IL

They are very professional. I have been satisfied with their services.

Molly M. - Chicago, IL

We had what we thought was a squirrel in our attic. Advanced set traps and caught one squirrel after returning a few times to check traps and rebait them with fresh bait. They determined that we were also dealing with a raccoon. Trapped the raccoon, but it broke the cage and escaped. Advanced came and repaired and reset the trap while waiting for the weather to improve to seal the area where the wildlife was entering. The team at Advanced Maintenance Solutions could not have been better to work with. Very responsive and professional. I will recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service.

Alexandra S. - Chicago, IL

Here, I feel that we're really taking control of the situation.

Al Y. - Chicago, IL

They did a great job and I will have them take care of this from now on.

Sara S. - Chicago, IL

The experience could not have been better. We had a pigeon infestation in our house under the eaves- they were so loud they were waking us up at night. We had initially hired a different company that we'd worked with in the past, and the experience was horrible this time. Something must have changed. This time they were over priced, didn't respond to phone calls, and didn't get results. We were livid and desperate to get rid of the pigeons- the problem was only getting worse and we were throwing good money after bad. Then we found Bryan. Working with Bryan was a godsend- he solved our pigeon problem within days. He was available to set the traps the same day I spoke with him, he would retrieve the pigeons without our having to be home, and he was always accessible via phone or text. We found Bryan to be highly professional, knowledgeable, responsible, polite, easily accessible, reasonably priced, very bright and sweet. We will absolutely use his services again as the need arises. We couldn't have been happier with his company.


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